AED Superstore Employees Give Back All Year Long

Supporting our Communities

When you live in small communities, you understand everyone has to pitch in and do their share. All of us here at AED Superstore are no different and we are lucky enough to have leadership which encourages community involvement.

Blood Drives 

Since a person is eligible to donate blood every 8 weeks, AED Superstore works with the Community Blood Center in Woodruff, WI, to schedule regular blood drives during work hours so our local hospitals have the pints they need when they need them. We have a dedicated group of donors who sign up every time. Those who are needle-shy or unable to donate blood for medical reasons are encouraged to donate $5 to the company charity fund which is compounded all year and given to a local organization during the holidays. Donors (of both kinds) are treated to lunch on donation day.

Holiday Donations

The towns our employees call home are spread out around the Northwoods, and like all communities, these towns have their share of community members who need a bit of help every now and then. Our local food pantry, women’s shelter, and homeless shelter rely on the kindness of those who are able to help. Each year around the holidays, AED Superstore picks a humanitarian service to focus on, and employees donate generously.

School & Organization Fundraisers

Our schools are our future, and many of the children of AED Superstore employees go to different schools in the area. Knowing how difficult it can be to fund school and organization extra-curricular activities, our employees have always found support from fellow workers they can count on. From Girl Scout cookies and Boy Scout popcorn, High School Band cookie dough to Preschool wrapping paper, we continue to support one another’s schools.

“Go Red” for Women

Employees at AED Superstore kick off National Heart Month by Wearing Red for Women’s heart health on February 1, 2019

National Heart Month is celebrated in the US in February, with the first Friday of the month set aside as “Go Red for Women” day. On this day, folks are encouraged to wear red to raise awareness for women’s heart health. Since helping people survive sudden cardiac arrest is the focus of our business, we understand the importance of recognizing the early signs of heart failure. Women’s heart issues many times go undiagnosed as they don’t always have the same symptoms as men. We feel it’s imperative to bring attention to this difference in care so more lives can be saved.

Highway Cleanup 

In 2017, AED Superstore adopted a stretch of highway just north of our headquarters. Twice a year the yellow vests, trash bags, and poke sticks come out and our volunteers cruise the roadside to collect trash and keep our little piece of the Northwoods beautiful.

Future Opportunities

We are always looking for ways to help our communities and encourage all our readers to do the same. Let us know how you give back to your town in the comments below.

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