AED Superstore Attends ECCU 2015 in San Diego


After several days in the terrible 70 degree sunny weather of San Diego, California – AED Superstore is happy to report the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update Conference (ECCU) as a wonderful success! The conference showcased the latest science, concepts, ideas and strategies to improve performance, teaching methodology and community response to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The ECCU, being the only conference to bring all members of the cardiac chain of survival together, allowed AED Superstore to delve into new concepts including the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines. One of AED Superstore’s very own medical directors, Dr. Joanne Dames, was also in attendance taking copious notes to help our efforts to ensure the utmost in accuracy and service to our customers. Through connecting with leaders in the industry at the AHA, we are able to share the highlights here.

In addition to our research efforts, AED Superstore exhibited, networked and brainstormed with industry influencers from around the country. In the midst of those conversations we connected with innovators that will help bring unique changes in our product selection. Stay tuned for emails highlighting new products coming soon!

In our time at the exhibit hall we were able to connect, face to face, with several of our loyal customers. After speaking with these folks to talk about their experiences with AED Superstore and the work they do within their community to raise awareness of SCA, we are even further inspired. These interactions serve as a reminder that we are all working to make our communities a safer place to live, survive and thrive!

Speaking of community, AED Superstore joined 2,500 people from over 30 countries, along with our friends at the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation and more than 50 survivors, to march through the streets of San Diego to raise awareness and educate communities across the globe on the importance of CPR and AED devices. See video.

SCAF president, Mary Newman, summarized the goal of the walk to, “shed light on the hundreds of thousands of sudden cardiac arrest victims who could survive each year if communities provided more CPR training, better care and a greater number of AEDs.”

In response to the magnitude of information, community resources, and testimonies shared at the ECCU, over the next few weeks AED Superstore will share several posts to serve our customers, to increase social awareness and advocacy, to help save lives impacted by SCA, and in reverence of those lost.

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