AED Cabinets to Protect Your Investment


You’ve determined which AED model is best for your facility, and you’ve researched all of the necessary supplies you’ll need to get your AED program up and running. You’ve even decided where it will be located. Now, considering the investment you are making in protecting yourself and others, how about protecting your AED? AED cabinets from AED Superstore are the perfect choice.

AMP147-14RSM3x3[1]At AED Superstore, our AED Cabinets are available in many different designs and styles. They can be mounted on the wall surface or mounted into the wall with a semi-recessed (4” wall depth) or fully-recessed (6” wall depth) cabinet. There are different sizes, too. Our compact cabinets hold smaller AEDs like the Philips HeartStart models, HeartSine samaritan PAD, Physio-Control CR Plus/Express, or Welch Allyn AED 10. Our standard cabinets have enough room for any AED and our tall cabinets have an adjustable shelf to accommodate additional supplies like an oxygen tank.

Cabinets can also come with an alarm or strobe light and are available in a white painted surface or stainless steel. We also have custom wood cabinets with wood grains and color stains to match almost any decor. For outdoor storage, we carry a line of fiberglass cabinets, available in red or white, which resist intrusion of water and dust. For new construction building codes, a line of fire-rated cabinets is available. We also carry manufacturer’s and specialty cabinets.

Confused? Don’t be! First, determine which size cabinet you need based on the size of your AED. Also, take into consideration if you plan on storing other items in the cabinet along with your AED like a first aid kit, or perhaps emergency oxygen. Next, determine the location in which you intend to place your AED. Will the cabinet be mounted on the wall surface or recessed into the wall? You may need to consult the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to help with this process. Our AED Cabinet Installation and Operation Guide provides lots of great information about cabinets and their options. If you are outfitting new construction, check local ordinances to see if fire-rated cabinets are necessary.

Will your cabinet be in an area frequented by the public, or will it be in an out of the way location? AMP147-14R-SSSR3-3x3[1] You may want to consider an alarm and optional strobe light. An alarm serves multiple functions: it will sound when the cabinet door is open and let you know there is a cardiac emergency happening, and will also let you know if someone is tampering with your device. These cabinets have a label indicating an alarm will sound when the door is opened which can act as a deterrent to unauthorized access.

Cabinet finishes may be important to your facility’s standards. The most common finish is the white painted cabinet, but if you have a stainless steel theme, we’ve got those, too. If you are adding an AED to your church or office, our custom wood cabinets definitely make a statement. These cabinets are hand-crafted and feature a variety of wood grains and stains to match virtually any furniture or wood trim.

Thumbnail[1]Perhaps your AED is destined for an outdoor venue, in which case an outdoor cabinet would be recommended. These cabinets are made of fiberglass, are available in red or white, and include a gasket on the door which provides a watertight seal to protect the AED from the elements. You can also outfit the outdoor cabinets with an alarm and optional strobe light.

Our fire rated cabinets include an extra bracket which will hold the fire rated drywall. These require an extra inch of depth for the bracket. Many new construction codes require walls which have one or two hour fire ratings. These UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified cabinets maintain the integrity of fire rated walls.

We have manufacturer’s cabinets from Cardiac Science, Defibtech, Philips, Physio-Control, and ZOLL, and a line of specialty cabinets from HeartStation, including their metal wall cabinets and their heart-shaped HeartCase indoor and outdoor cabinets. AMP180-WDSM-Colonial-Maple-3x3

Our cabinet alarms and strobe lights are powered by a simple 9-volt battery. If you purchased a basic cabinet and would like to upgrade it with an alarm and optional strobe light, you can always retrofit your cabinet with one of our kits. They are easy to install and can provide a sense of security. Alarms can be configured to several different operation modes and can also be connected to an external security panel for monitoring.

If you are considering an AED purchase and would like a cabinet, please check out our AED Package Specials. Designed to make your shopping experience easier, our packages will save you money over buying each item separately. Please give us a call at 800-544-0048 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer care representatives – we’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions and help you make the right choice.

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