Month: October 2017

You start to see the signs in August and September – “Flu Shots Here”. They are at every pharmacy and medical facility, and your employer may even host a flu shot clinic at work. Some people are on board right away; others have a bevy of excuses why they won’t get a flu shot. “I got a shot last year and got sick from it the next day.” Or “I never get a flu shot and I never get sick.” Or “I’m allergic to eggs so I can’t get the shot.” Let’s address each of these statements individually because it …

Sara Henn unravels the mystery of AED Ownership Laws in an interview with eHealth Radio.

Back in October of 2015, the White House implemented the “Stop the Bleed” campaign…

It’s only October of 2017, and already the number of celebrities leaving us due to cardiac arrest and other cardiac complications is rising.

More than 350,000 people suffer out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest every year, yet there are many who don’t give it a second thought until it strikes them or a loved one.

…by taking a few seconds to evaluate the situation before jumping right in you may avoid becoming the next victim.