Month: July 2017

More and more states are passing laws legalizing recreational marijuana use, and questions have arisen regarding the possible health effects caused by smoking or ingesting it.

Of all the things you learn in high school, one of the most valuable skills you can learn is how to save a life: it just might be someone you know and love, or a stranger you have never met before.

If only we all lived where it was sunny and 75° all year long. Then conditions for our AEDs would be ideal!

It’s tick season again, and for those living in areas known for harboring large numbers of these little suckers, the risk of Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses becomes part of daily life.

“I wish more people knew SCA affects roughly 16 people under the age of 18 every day”.

At AED Superstore, we are always looking for ways to help communities place more AEDs where they can do the most good.