Month: December 2007

     Glendale firefighters in Arizona are teaching their residents the new chest compression only CPR we wrote about in a previous post. The Arizona Republic wrote about it today and it appears the turnout is huge. Their class is taught in about 2 hours which is about half the class time of a current full CPR class. Although the current American Heart Association and American Red Cross CPR curriculum doesn’t recognize this method (yet), we applaud any effort that empowers more people to save lives. New “Guidelines” here we come (although it could still be a few years away)!

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     The December issue of Circulation reports on the conclusions of two studies which show CPR done without rescue breathing may be as effective as the compression/ventilation combination we’re taught to do now. The new method is called “CC-CPR.” “CC” stands for “chest compressions.” The studies were conducted in Sweden and Japan. An article about the findings was posted by U.S. News and World Report. It is not a part of the current American Heart Association or American Red Cross CPR protocols. The amount of data coming out about this has us convinced that CC-CPR will be considered as …