ReaLifeSim IV Task Trainer by BGEI

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Incredibly realistic vascular access training device.
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ReaLifeSim IV Task Trainer by BGEI
Infant with bag
  • Infant with bag
  • Infant, back
  • Infant, front
  • Pediatric with bag
  • Pediatric, back
  • Pediatric, front
  • Adult with bag
  • Adult, back
  • Adult, front
  • Adult w/App with bag
  • Adult w/App, back
  • Adult w/App, front



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The ReaLifeSim IV Task Trainer is designed to provide realistic simulation for vascular access on infant, pediatric, or adult subjects. The various simulated vessels enhance visual, tactile, and hands-on skills in locating and palpating the vessel and achieving a “good stick.” Realistic size, skin feel, and flashback give the student immediate feedback. Durable construction (30+ sticks) with a protective layer ensures repeated practice opportunities that quickly build confidence and competence.

The ReaLifeSim IV task trainer uses a single vessel (infant, pediatric) or multiple vessels (pediatric, adult) inside the sleeve which can be placed on a manikin to simulate vascular access with enhanced realism. The standard (adult) vas-sleeve can be worn on the arm of a person or a manikin. Please choose the desired size by using the drop-down window above (infant or pediatric only). 

Features include:
  • Realistic simulated skin and durable microfiber lining near the manikin.
  • Loop and hook straps or elastic straps to fit a variety of sizes and locations.
  • Puncture-proof base.
  • Sustained skin integrity for >30 puncture attempts using 23g or smaller IV catheters in a variety of insertion sites.
  • Multiple placement options for a variety of insertion sites. *Simulated blood vessels sold separately (see Related Items).
Size specifications:
  • Infant - 2" x 1.5"
  • Pediatric - 4" x 1.5"
  • Standard (Adult) - 10" x 3.5" (not available)
  • Vas-Sleeve w/App - 10" x 3.5" (not available)

Alternate Part Number(s): RLIVNFANT04, RLIVPEDS03, RLIVSTND02, RLIVREC001

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