SPECTRO2 30 Pulse Oximeter Hand-Held by BCI Smiths Medical

Part #: WW1030EN
Alarms, Multiple Operating Modes, Motion Tolerance, and Low-Perfusion Performance.
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SPECTRO2 30 Pulse Oximeter Hand-Held by BCI Smiths Medical
  • Front
  • Back
  • Battery Compartment
  • Right Side
  • Left Side
  • Cable
  • Sensor
  • Connector

What's Included:

  • SPECTRO2 Model 30 Oximeter
  • Adult Oximetry Finger Sensor
  • 5' Sensor Extension Cable
  • 3 Finger Cradles
  • 4 "AA" Size Alkaline Batteries
  • Owners Operation Manual
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SPECTRO2â„¢ 30 Pulse Oximeter

Dependable continuous monitoring with the flexibility to perform in virtually any clinical setting:

  • Low perfusion performance
  • Motion tolerance
  • Multiple operating modes (clinician, home, & sleep modes)
  • Visual, audible and remote alarms

Clinical Applications:

  • Monitor for efficacy of respiratory treatments,
  • At-risk patients
  • Sleep screening
  • Post anesthesia recovery
  • Analgesics monitoring

The SPECTRO2â„¢ series of pulse oximeters is the latest line of hand-held devices from Smiths Medical, makers of the BCI® brand. The model 30 is the most capable of the series. It includes multiple operating modes with audible and visual alarms and the ability to be alerted through a remote nurse call system to ensure patient safety. It also enables you to monitor the efficacy of respiratory treatments.

Just like all other SPECTRO2 pulse oximeter models, the model 30 has a HUGE display compared to most other hand-held devices. It shares all of the features found on the model 10 plus it incorporates technology for motion tolerance (click HERE to view standard features found on the SPECTRO2 10.)

It's compatible with all BCI sensors and uses the new BCI 20-inch spot-check sensor that limits tangles and twists you sometimes get with other models. Additionally, the SPECTRO2 20 is compatible with Nellcor's DS100A sensor, too.

A docking station, attachable printer, protective rubber device "gloves," and several power options are all available.

All SPECTRO2 pulse oximeters are powered by 4 "AA" alkaline batteries (unless you choose one of the power options above) and will power the device for up to 32 hours of use. Rechargeable batteries will power the oximeter for up to 54 hours with a 3-hour recharge time (we knew you were wondering!)

Please choose Adult Spot Check Sensor or Pediatric Sensor to be included with this item from the drop-down box.

The Smiths Medical SPECTRO2 series of pulse oximeters come with a 3-year factory warranty.

For more specifications, please check the Reference Library to view and print the product brochure.

Alternate Part Number(s):

WW1030EN, WW1030P1EN

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