Red Cross AED Training Device w/Multi-Language USB Port, Metronome, & Carrying Case 6-Pack

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Universal AED Trainer
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The American Red Cross AED Trainer with Multi-Language USB Port,  Metronome, and Carrying Case 6-Pack. This Universal AED Trainer has all the features and functions the AED instructor needs to teach students the operation of an AED, with a price that won't break your budget!

The trainer has a built-in metronome (rhythmic beeping sound) to help students learn the correct rate of compressions while giving CPR. The Play/Pause button allows the instructor to pause the scenario to discuss important details. The Volume Control ensures the trainer's instructions can be well heard in large groups or softened for more individual settings. The Scenario Selector Switch is used to choose either the shock-advised or no shock scenario. Two language options onboard--English and Spanish or you can use the USB port to download additional languages or changes in AED protocols (Mini-USB-to-USB connector not included). The ARC AED Trainer is consistent with the current ECC Guidelines for CPR.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h your budget dollars by purchasing multiple ARC AED Trainers. Each trainer includes the ARC AED trainer with 1 set of adult pads, 1 set of child pads, 1 cord assembly with clips, 1 instruction sheet, 1 carrying case, 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Pads include illustrations for correct placement of each pad on the body of an adult, child or infant.

Alternate Part Number(s): 140501, 141101, 140502, 150301

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