Ambu Mark IV Baby Reusable Resuscitator

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Ambu Mark IV Baby Reusable Resuscitator
Ambu Mark IV Baby Reusable Resuscitator
  • Ambu Mark IV Baby Reusable Resuscitator

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This item is currently unavailable from the manufacturer. Please see the Ambu Spur II Infant BVM for a replacement.

The Ambu Mark IV Reusable Resuscitator features the unique Ambu double wall concept, which clearly distinguishes the genuine Ambu bag from all other manual resuscitators. It has the familiar “touch” Ambu bags are famous for. The thin outer cover gives the resucer a good “fingertip” feeling for how much pressure is needed, while the inner lining with its air holes allows rapid recoil for optimum volume per stroke. This gives the rescuer complete control of the amount of pressure delivered to the patient and enables efficient artificial respiration with quick repetitions, if needed.

The Ambu Mark IV Baby is fitted with a pressure-limiting valve that opens when pressure in the valve reaches approximately 4.0 kPa (40 cm H2O). If more pressure is required, it can be easily overridden by pressing the attached override cap. The slim design and crystal clear casing housing the unique single-shutter valve allow unimpeded observation of the valve operation and make it easier to view and manage airflow to the patient.

The baby version features a swivel between the patient valve and the mask, as well as between the valve and bag, making it possible to change positions or switch hands without interrupting ventilations.

Mark IV Baby is made of silicone rubber and is not made with natural rubber latex. Please note: Silicone Mask not included. Please order separately. See below for mask.

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