Next Generation AMBU MAN Torso (Model I)

Part #: A234404000
The all-rounder for CPR: Great for training healthcare professionals and non-professionals!
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Next Generation AMBU MAN Torso (Model I)
Ambu Man Torso
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The AmbuMan I Next Generation is the ideal manikin for training on the advanced BLS algorithm training for medical and nursing staff and also for the education of lay rescuers. The AmbuMan I provides optimal training of chest compressions combined with realistic respiration. The user-friendly Ambu patented hygienic system prevents cross-contamination and ensures realistic airway resistance along with exhalations through the mouth and the nose.

Monitoring instrument:
The indicator shows the instructor the volume of supplied air (in liters) and the chest compression depth (in millimeters). Additionally, it visualizes the compression when the wrong hand position is used and also when there is gastric inflation, which is indicated with a warning symbol.

Ambu Manikin Management Modules:
At the core of the AmbuMan I Next Generation is the latest, integrated Ambu Wireless Technology. The browser-based Management Module provides the wireless control with documentation and monitoring of the performance of the trainees. The Ambu Manikin Management Module is the central interface, where all data and information come together: compression depth, correct hand position, ventilation volume, and stomach inflation.

Self-training module:
The AmbuMan Wireless includes a license-free, self-training module that establishes training stations and can perform instructor independent training at any time. Resuscitation teams can train continuously or trainees can prepare for an examination.

Carotid pulse:
The carotid pulse can be felt during chest compression and may also be simulated with the manual pulse bellow.
AMBU Man Model I Standard Torso includes:
  • Standard Torso
  • 5 Face Pieces
  • 100 Head Bags
  • Training Mat/Carry Case

Alternate Part Number(s): 234-013-000, 234-003-000, 234-204-000, A234204000, A234404000

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