AMBU® MAN Optional Printer with Controller

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AMBU® MAN Optional Printer with Controller

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Capture the information needed to build skills.
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    Ambu CPR Printer and the included small handheld touch screen controller can be connected to all Ambu manikins capable of exporting data. With this solution the instructor and the student are able to perform a realistic scenario. During evaluation it is possible to see the name of the training institute, events, CPR curves and total count of compressions and ventilations on the CPR printout.

    • Small, compact and handy printer that works on battery as well as on external power supply.
    • "One button" for start and stop makes the functionality simple and easy to use.
    • Use of standard thermal paper ensures low running costs No computer required.
    • Works on all Ambu Manikins capable of exporting data (DIN connection).
    • Controller box with 6 user defined event buttons allows you to register "Call for help", "Check for pulse" etc.
    • Ventilation volume, stomach inflation, compression depth, wrong hand position and events can be printed out providing a detailed report.
    • Metronome with frequencies between 0 and 255 bpm (beeps per minute).
    • Guidelines 2000, AHA as well as ERC guidelines can be trained on the same printer allowing you to switch among the guidelines.
    • If desired, 3 different languages on the same printer allowing you to switch among them, or make your own guidelines, language settings (6 languages) and event buttons with the CPR Software.
    • New features and recommendations can be upgraded through the web.  


    • The Ambu CPR Printer can be connected to Ambu Man Model C, CF and CA, Ambu Defib Trainer System (Basic and Advanced, as well as previous versions E, EF and EA), and Ambu Cardiac Care Trainer System Model C.
    • The Ambu CPR Printer can be connected to a PC and communicates with Ambu CPR Software Datasheet Spare Part Drawing Instructions.

    Alternate Part Number(s): 234-000-729

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