AMBU® CPR Pal Manikin

Includes 2 face pieces, 25 head bags & carry case

AMBU® CPR Pal Manikin

Part Number: A259004000
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Includes 2 face pieces, 25 head bags & carry case

What's Included:

  • The AMBU® CPR Pal Manikin
  • 2 Face Pieces
  • 25 Head Bags
  • Carry Case

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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. See our line of Ambu CPR Manikins to make another choice.

The Ambu® CPR Pal is a low-priced simple, yet effective, training manikin. The Ambu patented hygienic system protects the student and makes internal cleaning entirely unnecessary and the look-listen-feel concept aids knowledge retention.

The airway opens only when the head is correctly hyper-extended and stomach inflation is indicated by a whistling sound.

It is a lightweight and sturdy manikin and is easily transported.

The Ambu CPR Pal meets all of the American Heart Association's recommended manikin guidelines.

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