AMBU® Airway Man Wireless Torso w/Instruments

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For hands-on training in modern resuscitation.
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AMBU® Airway Man Wireless Torso w/Instruments
AMBU® Airway Man Wireless Torso w/Instruments

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Adult-sized manikin torso with an amazing, life-like representation of the anatomical landmarks important for developing the proper techniques used in modern resuscitation. The chest stiffness is adjustable and the mechanical instrument provides instant feedback on chest compression depth, ventilation volume, stomach inflation, and incorrect hand position.
This model Airway Man W (Wireless) does not require wires or cables, allowing for placement in realistic surroundings away from computers and power supply. The jaw-thrust maneuver and intubation are possible. The carrying bag features an integrated training mat. PC compatible.
Includes Ambu Airway Man Torso with hooks for arms and intubation head, computer interface, tracksuit jacket, carry bag/training mat, wireless connection.
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