Maryland law: 13a.05.10.03

Statute: 13a.05.10.03

Law Type: Other Requirements

Status: Enacted

Enacted on: 2018-02-15

Law type: Mandate

A. Each county board shall develop and implement a High School AED Program which shall require, at minimum: (1) One AED on-site in each public high school, which shall be available for use at each school-sponsored athletic event; (2) One individual trained in the operation and use of an AED present at each school-sponsored athletic event; and (3) One individual trained in the operation and use of an AED on-site at each high school during the regular school day. B. The High School AED Program shall: (1) Possess a valid certificate from the EMS Board to conduct an AED program; (2) Comply with the rules, regulations, and policies that the EMS Board determines are applicable; (3) Maintain up-to-date records of the initial and refresher training received by each individual trained in the operation and use of an AED; (4) Adhere to the AED manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance, inspection, and repair of AEDs, including weekly inspection of the AED; (5) Establish AED maintenance, operation, reporting, and quality improvement procedures to be documented as required by the EMS Board; (6) Submit a report for each incident in which an AED is operated or there was an AED response, including any event (code) summary, recording, or tape created by the AED, on the Maryland Facility AED Report Form for Cardiac Arrests to the following: (a) The office of the State EMS Medical Director; (b) The local jurisdictional EMS operational program, if the PSAP is accessed; and (c) The federal Food and Drug Administration, with a copy of the report to the State EMS Medical Director, if the AED fails when operated; (7) Designate an AED coordinator who: (a) Meets the requirements of COMAR, which includes training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and AED operation; and (b) Is responsible for implementation and administration of the AED program; and (8) Contact and collaborate with the closest jurisdictional emergency medical services operational program once the High School AED Program is approved by the EMS Board. C. Each county board shall inform all persons who are authorized to participate in the High School AED Program of the immunities available under Education Article, §13-517, Annotated Code of Maryland.

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