AED Superstore RespondER Keychain

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AED Superstore RespondER Keychain
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These are the most portable and convenient CPR mouth barriers you'll find anywhere! They're perfect where space is limited and they're single-use and disposable.
The durable one-way valve protects you from contaminants as you provide rescue breathing for someone who needs your help. Comes in a variety of colors (red, blue and black) or in an assortment of colors (random). Not made with natural rubber latex.
CPR shield size: 7 3/4" H x 11 1/4" W
Pouch measures 2" x 2"

Alternate Part Number(s): 46000001

School Operations Manager
Never Received
Reviewed by:  Charles Anthony from Los Angeles on 10/24/2022
Great Product and Experience
These are great little things to keep in the glove box, in my purse, etc. Hope I never have to use them but glad I have them. Smooth and excellent experience purchasing from this store. Much appreciate! Will be back.
Reviewed by:  Morgan G from Chicago, IL on 10/22/2022
CTE Health Sciences Teacher
This was a nice gift included with my order, completely unexpected! Never know when you might need to have this on your keychain in an emergency situation!
Reviewed by:  Cara Taylor from NC on 4/5/2022
Very nice.
Just so you know, You don't 3 Keychains as some people may think. Nice, compact & easy to carry.
Reviewed by:  Michael Thiffault from Tucson, AZ on 3/17/2022
Never received the key chain
Reviewed by:  Rebecca Cruz from San Antonio on 3/14/2022
My last 2 orders, i never got these with my order.
Reviewed by:  Fast 1st aid llc from Owosso Michigan on 3/9/2022
Safety Specialist
I do like that they are portable, but at one time you could get these with a pair of gloves in the keychain. It would be nice if you could make it a little bigger to fit in gloves.
Reviewed by:  Kimberly Rappo from Moorestown on 10/5/2021
Ministry Assistant
The CPR Barriers came well packaged and they are small enough to fit into your pocket or place on your keychain just as they stated.
Reviewed by:  Living Truth Christian Center from Smyrna on 8/12/2021
Chairman Science Dept./ Instructor
Very compact air/CPR rescue barrier with one way valve! May order some of these for my future students.
Reviewed by:  Jack McNeely from Purcell High School, Purcell, OK on 8/9/2021
Nice gift
Thanks for the free gift.
Reviewed by:  Tarisha Ball from Ohio on 8/6/2021
prompt cpr lungs
The replacement lungs work great
Reviewed by:  Brenda from Columbia/PA on 10/9/2015
love this smaller size for your key chain. would like to have enough for all our employees(22)
Reviewed by:  Bonita from Caldwell, TX on 9/29/2015
Key Chain masks
I give them to all my clients
Reviewed by:  John from Tulare on 9/28/2015
AED Superstore RespondER® Keychain
Great idea and thanks for the free sample. Excellent customer service and fast shipping. Thank you!
Reviewed by:  Jim from Lake Charles on 9/25/2015
Nice free item
This was sent as a free item and is in good shape.
Reviewed by:  Timothy from WPAFB, Ohio on 9/21/2015
RespondER Keychain
Nice little goody for our safety crew to carry
Reviewed by:  Dave from Irvine, CA. on 9/11/2015
free keychain
Who doesn't love FREE things eh? Thanks
Reviewed by:  cindy from rock springs wy on 9/11/2015
haven't had to use so unable to comment.
Reviewed by:  Ann from Alabama on 9/9/2015
Fast Shipping
Item was processed and shipped promptly. No delays in ordering process. User friendly.
Reviewed by:  Angela from Englewood on 9/4/2015
first aid / cpr instructor
fast service
Reviewed by:  George from Little Falls / Mn on 8/24/2015
CPR Barrier
Well built...easy to carry...recommended
Reviewed by:  Steve from Logansport / Indiana on 8/10/2015
Keychain mask fits well inside pocket and will come in handy if an emergency arises and a barrier device is needed I'm prepared.
Reviewed by:  Dial from Midland on 7/30/2015
RespondedER Keychain
I allows like getting these little masks for other employees. They can put these small lightweight pouches on backpacks, tool belts, etc. and have them available incase of an emergency.
Reviewed by:  Mike from Idaho on 7/29/2015
A "First pitch home run!"
Thanks for the ResponderER Keychain. I carry it, show it and everyone sees your web address. Well done!
Reviewed by:  Molly from Mineral Ridge on 7/28/2015
Great for Class Handouts
At the end of each training I offer these to participants who inquire about having their own pocket mask. They like that these are small and on a key chain.
Reviewed by:  Mandy from Texas on 7/22/2015
Free Item
Got this item for free with my order, will keep it in my fire department gear. Great company!
Reviewed by:  Ben from Macomb, IL on 7/21/2015
Fast delivery, great product
Reviewed by:  Agata from Oklahoma on 7/16/2015
Trustee Secretary
I love this little key chain pocket masks. Can these be purchased individually and if so how much do they cost.

AED Superstore Staff Note: While we include one keychain free on every order, additional keychains are available for purchase!

Reviewed by:  Penelope from New Brighton, PA on 7/9/2015
Best CPR Shield
I can't say enough about this product. After 27 years in fire and EMS, there is a product that makes sense. A one way valve on a CPR shield, not just a "filter". In this day with infectious diseases there is finally a shield you can use with confidence and a degree of protection not found in most other compact CPR barriers.
Reviewed by:  Chris from Joplin, MO on 6/25/2015
CPR keychain micromask
Very nice product, makes great giveaway after a class, and make a friend at Town Fairs and Functions.
Reviewed by:  John from Richardson Sr on 6/20/2015
RespondER Keychain
This product allows me to get a cpr shield in the hands of every employee weather the are at work or at home.
Reviewed by:  Bill from Gladstone, MI on 6/18/2015
Loved this keychain. Wish I had more to give to all Law Enforcement in my county!!
Reviewed by:  Tammy from Palestine on 6/18/2015
Very handy
Reviewed by:  Harvey J. from Las Vegas on 6/12/2015
We are extremely happy with the quality of our new AED unit!! Totally met all our expectations!!
Reviewed by:  Mitzi from Linn Creek, Missouri on 6/6/2015
Gave this to our Building Supervisor for completing class and was warmly accepted for his key ring.
Reviewed by:  BILLY from HUNTINGTONWV on 6/6/2015
Received this as a little token in an order I had placed. Thanks for the little gift.
Reviewed by:  Chris from Greenville, NC on 6/4/2015
awesome product, very light weight and compact.
Reviewed by:  Zach from Athens on 6/3/2015
Nice little mask
This has turned into a nice little mask to have with you all of the time. Always with you on your keys!
Reviewed by:  John from Clare Michigan on 6/3/2015
Administrative Assistant
We have not had the chance to use this item, fortunately. The keychain makes it easy to locate if we'd ever need it.
Reviewed by:  Victoria from Minnetonka, MN on 6/2/2015
RespondER Keychain
Not a bad item to have for extras. Cheap enough price to have extras in a small Aid Kit. For the price, several are the answer.
Reviewed by:  Dave from Creve Coeur, IL on 6/1/2015
Get CPR Keychain
We hand out these CPR barriers to our medical responders at the facility. It's nice to get a free one with almost every purchase I make. Plus the quality seems better than some of the past brands we have tried. Also, being a keychain makes it handy to have when walking around the facility.
Reviewed by:  Ellen from Terre Haute on 5/28/2015
AED Responder keychain
Great gift
Reviewed by:  JAS from Fitzgerald, GA on 5/27/2015
Great size
I like that AEDS includes these little barriers for free. Luckily, I've had not an opportunity to use one, but they are the perfect size to keep in a travel first aid kit, or even on your keychain (although it's about the size of a key-fob).
Reviewed by:  Greg from Racine, WI on 5/27/2015
AED Battery
Thank you for the timely shipment of our AED battery. It was exactly what we needed to get our AED up and running for our camping season. Your service has always been excellent.
Reviewed by:  SISCRA RV Park from Donnelly ID on 5/26/2015
Fire Chief
Great product, reasonably priced and shipped timely. Will purchase this product again.
Reviewed by:  Patrick from Front Royal, Virginia on 5/22/2015
Fire Chief
Met expectations
Reviewed by:  Tim from Borger, TX on 5/21/2015
keychain barrier
Sturdy compact device. Appropriate for carrying on a motorcycle.
Reviewed by:  joel from tucson on 5/19/2015
RespondER Keychain
Received as a free gift. Nice product to have in our AED kit.
Reviewed by:  Leanne from Grand Rapids, MN on 5/12/2015
it is a simple key chain
Reviewed by:  Bernal Koehrsen from Iowa Falls, IA on 5/6/2015
AED Services
We are pleased to receive the ZOLL AED pad products you provided. Both price and contents of package received were on the mark. We will do business with you again.
Reviewed by:  Jack Brennan from Walla Walla, WA on 5/6/2015
Order 189812
Thank you for the prompt delivery to us overseas. Our kids pads were out of date and after ordering they were delivered in less than 2 weeks.
Reviewed by:  Steve from Stuttgart Germany on 4/30/2015
Office Manager
Product was delivered prompt and in good shape.
Reviewed by:  Kelly from Stillwater, MN on 4/30/2015
RespondER Keychain/nice to have on hand
The keychain was added to my order, free...what a nice thing to have on hand. Very easy to use, it looks like, anyway. Great free addition to my order.
Reviewed by:  Tami from Phoenix, AZ on 4/29/2015
Adorable and practical.
Reviewed by:  Debra from Cheshire on 4/24/2015
AED Annie
Terrific piece of equipment for training
Reviewed by:  Lisa from Nevada on 4/23/2015
nice product
Reviewed by:  Ray from Calumet, MI on 4/15/2015
Did Not recieve Keychain with my order. AED Superstore Response: We sent your missing keychain at no charge, and we apologize for the oversight.
Reviewed by:  Don from Prince Frederick Md on 4/9/2015
Great Free Gift
My RespondER Keychain came as a frre gift with a recent order. Liked it so much I'm considering ordering a bunch for our Emergency Response Team. It's a lot less bulky than what they currently have.
Reviewed by:  Chris from Dudley, MA on 4/8/2015
Very handy
Very handy and useful. Get the red one so if you lose it like I did, it might be easier to find.
Reviewed by:  George from San Antonio, TX on 4/1/2015
all ways ready
The key chain CPR mask is all ways ready and it is very handy
Reviewed by:  ED from MD on 3/28/2015
good products and easy to order
This was my first time to order through the AED superstore. I ordered replacement pads for our church's AED. The products were exactly what we had and the process seemed easy. The only difficulty we had was getting them delivered to the church since we are a small congregation and not have a secretary or regular office hours. The AED superstore did contact and was able to help arrange a delivery time with UPS when the Pastor would be available so great customer service on their part. Will order again.
Reviewed by:  Monica from Highland, IL on 3/16/2015
Much Appreciated
Receiving the gift of the RespondER Keychain with my order is much appreciated. It is easy to carry and offers some peace of mind for the unexpected health issues that may occur. Thank you for including it in my order!
Reviewed by:  Cathy from Peterborough, NH on 3/11/2015
Great idea
Very good idea for anyone and everyone to carry on their key chain. It will save lives if the situation presents itself.
Reviewed by:  Greg from Wisconsin on 3/11/2015
Repsonder Keychain
Came free with order, I will handout to a student in one of my first aid classes. Always a nice bonus when ordering from the AED Superstore.
Reviewed by:  Greg from Oklahoma City on 3/6/2015
Breath Deep
Great little addition to a key ring. You never know when you might need one in an emergency.
Reviewed by:  Russ from Rockland on 3/5/2015
Key Chain
It was free! It looks like a good quality as far as a foldable pocket face mask - I carry it on my keychain, but I hope I never have to use it :).
Reviewed by:  Cheryl from Creston/Iowa on 3/3/2015
First Responder Keychain
Excellent addition to my key chain. The CPR Barrier pouch looks very profesional
Reviewed by:  MICHAEL from CONWAY SC on 2/26/2015
CPR Keychain
The CPR Keychain is a complimentary gift that is given to employees showing a personal interest in CPR/protection.
Reviewed by:  Bev from Newaygo, MI on 2/25/2015
Great bonus
When I was told that the keychain was going to be sent to us free of charge with the purchase we just made, it was great news. Very useful for our fire wardens to keep for emergencies.
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Fanny from Boc a Raton, Florida on 2/12/2015
Nice free gift
Nice free gift. It a simple plastic sheet for protection. Better than nothing.
Reviewed by:  Ronnie from NC on 2/10/2015
Responder ER Keychain
Good item to have with you for emergencies.
Reviewed by:  Johnny from Newcastle, Oklahoma on 2/9/2015
Thanks so much for the gift. It is very handy
Reviewed by:  Joyce from Barnett on 2/1/2015
Facility & Safety
Respond ER Key chain very nice, very practical and a great addition to our First Responders
Reviewed by:  David from Lincolnshire, IL on 1/23/2015
Medical Department Manager
Cute item. May come in handy.
Reviewed by:  Colt from Roswell , New Mexico on 1/16/2015
key chain
very handy to have at all times.
Reviewed by:  Mike from Snoqualmie, WA on 1/13/2015
Cool surprise
I ordered a back up set of AED pads and as a free gift I was sent a key chain. I didn't think much of it until I actually opened it and realized that it contained a breathing shield for conducting CPR respirations. Very handy!
Reviewed by:  Ange from St. Paul on 1/8/2015
Great Product!
Our teachers loved this product & they love that it is on a keychain & very easy to carry around. Thank you!
Reviewed by:  Connie from Belleville, IL on 1/5/2015
Key holder
Performed as expected
Reviewed by:  J from Rochester NY on 1/1/2015
Phillips AED Pad
We recently utilized out AED pads in an attempt to save a child. The pads and AED worked as intended. I was able to contact the AED Superstore the next day for replacement pads and received same day confirmation of the order and shipment. I am now ordering all my AED equipment from the AED Superstore
Reviewed by:  Leah from Grand Junction CO on 1/1/2015
RespondER Keychain
Thank you for the free gift. Went right on with my keys from the box.
Reviewed by:  Edward from Ellinwood, KS on 12/22/2014
RespondER Keychain
While we (thankfully) haven't had to actually deploy and use one of these yet, their size and portability makes them very handy and convenient.
Reviewed by:  Maryan from Winchester, NH on 12/22/2014
AED Superstore RespondER® Keychain
Positive and satisfied customer. I'm a repeat customer for this free item.
Reviewed by:  jesse from austin, texas on 12/3/2014
Responder Keychain
Nice giveaway for people taking a CPR class.
Reviewed by:  Becky from San Jose, CA on 12/2/2014
ODT Instructor
compact, sturdy and easily carried
Reviewed by:  Diana from Elizabethtown pa on 11/26/2014
Pocket keychain
Nice surprise came with the order. Small, fits in most pockets.
Reviewed by:  Kathy J. from St Charles MO on 11/21/2014
Haven't had a need for them yet, but I received them within 3-5 days.
Reviewed by:  Ronald Ford from Shelton, WA on 11/19/2014
ACLS Instructor Manual
Manual arrived as expected. Cost was as expected. Pleasantly unexpected until order placed was the free mouth to mouth barrier. Thanks!
Reviewed by:  Jeremy from Enola, Pa on 11/17/2014
Purchasing Agent
This item is wonderful and have it on me at all times. Nice surprise with our purchase.
Reviewed by:  Pam Z. from Meridian, idaho on 11/11/2014
Facilities Manager
handy and applicable
Reviewed by:  John from Newport Coast, California on 11/6/2014
Small and easy to carry
I have received two of these small and convenient keychains with orders of other items. The first barrier I ever bought was similar and very easy to carry. While I prefer a carrier with gloves as well as a barrier many find the larger carrier too large. This is a great alternative.
Reviewed by:  Roy from Glendale Heights, IL on 10/24/2014
key chain
they are fine
Reviewed by:  sally w. from deerfield il on 10/3/2014
I enjoy getting these with my order, you can never have too many of them!
Reviewed by:  sandra from pocahontas, ar on 10/2/2014
Responder Key Chains
Love these! They are convenient and provide a safe barrier when an unexpected CPR event is thrown upon you. I always have my keys, but may not be able to always carry a CPR mask. The price also makes them very affordable.
Reviewed by:  Glenn from Warrington on 9/26/2014
The keychain is very nice to have and to share
Reviewed by:  Donna S. from lisle on 9/17/2014
Lightweight and small.
Reviewed by:  Lance from Lakewood, WA on 9/17/2014
My company uses this as a gift for those that take the First Aid and CPR courses. This is a nice compliment to what they have learned in class. The price point makes it affordable no matter the amount you need.
Reviewed by:  Cristin from Orlando, FL on 9/16/2014
Responder Keychain
Smaller than I expected. Wanted someth9ing that could also fit a pair of nitrile gloves.
Reviewed by:  Scott from Fremont, CA on 8/28/2014
AED Key Chain
Great quality.
Reviewed by:  Lori from Denver, CO on 8/25/2014
Responder Key Chain
The responder key chains I received are very nice to be able to provide to my students. They certainly are more encouraging to provide CPR with this aid so readily available.
Reviewed by:  Keinv from Vidor on 8/25/2014
just What I Needed
The Responder Keychain is the perfect size for my Boy Scouts to carry with them and put in their first aid kits. Thank you! I will order more!
Reviewed by:  Kara from Billings, MT on 8/21/2014
Responder Keychain
My hubby keeps this on the outside of his jump kit. He has never had to use it since it came. Thank goodness. Handy to have a quickly if you need a quick mask.
Reviewed by:  Mary from Strongs/Michigan on 8/18/2014
perfectly-packaged promos
Not only are these slim-design breathing barrier key chains convenient for one's own personal inventory, they make great promotional giveaways during CPR classes. We teach group classes at a university and these are always a popular prize in the classes.
Reviewed by:  Kirsten from Fullerton on 8/1/2014
Free Key Chain
This is nice! I placed it with the AED unit so that whoever may need to use the AED, hopefully never happen, will have this at their disposal. I am going to check with corporate to see if we can order one for each of our first responders!
Reviewed by:  Christy from Richwood, WV on 7/30/2014
Associate Professor
Item was appropriate.
Reviewed by:  Celeste from Salt Lake City, UT on 7/29/2014
Handy CPR mask keychain
CPR masks have been useful in recruiting/retaining associates in my group.
Reviewed by:  John from Houston/TX on 7/27/2014
Responder Key Chain
The responder key chain is a great idea. Being a safety professional I am aware that emergencies can appear any time and any where. We never know when the need will arrive that we could possibly save someone life just by having the small lifesaaver with us.
Reviewed by:  Jimmie from Kaiserslautern Germany on 7/8/2014
Responder Keychain
Handy item included with my order.
Reviewed by:  TC from Kodiak, Alaska on 7/7/2014
Paramedic /Instructor
will use in my CPR classes as option for students post class use
Reviewed by:  David from Marysville, Michigan on 6/30/2014
Responder Keychain
I did get my order. I have carried one of these Responder masks in my purse since 1996. After realizing that it was cracking with age, ordered two new ones. Fortunately I have never had to use my old one but want to always be prepared...thus my new order for two new ones. The quality looks great and I can now feel OK that I will be prepared if needed.
Reviewed by:  SUZANNE from MEDFORD, OR on 6/27/2014
Key Chain
Nice to know it's available
Reviewed by:  RuthAnn from Englewood, CO on 6/24/2014
RN - Nursing instructor/Clinical Coordinator
Is nice to have available.
Reviewed by:  Gary C. from Morrilton, AR on 6/13/2014
Responder Key Chain
Nice item to have
Reviewed by:  Darla from Wichita, KS on 6/12/2014
Responder Keychain
On May 3, 2014 I was CPR / AED certified with a group of seven people at our church. The instructor showed us the Responder Keychain she carries with her at all times, and I thought this would be a great idea for our group and for the church AED. I ordered ten on a Friday afternoon. On Monday they arrived with a complimentary eleventh Responder Keychain. I gave all but two, which I carry with me at all times, to our minister to distribute to the other members. I couldn't be more pleased with the way my order was handled and in fact have already recommended the AED Superstore to other Certified CPR /AED responders.
Reviewed by:  Ronald from Wheaton, Illinois on 6/5/2014
Responder pack
The free Responder pack that came with the order was a pleasant surprise. It was small enough for a key chain plus the instructions to use it were on the bag as a quick refresher.
Reviewed by:  Paul from Mobile, AL on 6/5/2014
Purchasing Officer
this item is great, the process of my order was really fast and I got iton time.
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Janet R. from Puerto RIco on 5/29/2014
Very fast shipping and great products
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Travis N. from Alpine, AZ on 5/29/2014
Great product! Arrived exactly as described and will be ordering again if more are needed in the future.
Reviewed by:  Les from San Antonio, TX on 5/24/2014
Superstore Responder Keychain
Did not receive this keychain with my order. I was disappointed :-(

AED Superstore Staff Note: We are so sorry you didn't receive your free keychain with your order - so we've shipped out a few additional keychains to you at no charge!

Reviewed by:  Kris from Canton, MI on 5/8/2014
AED supplies
You have an excellent company, very efficient and delivery was on time. Very knowledgeable staff as well. Thanks again!!
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Deborah A. from Penns Grove, NJ on 5/5/2014
reg nurse
article was fine
Reviewed by:  J.R. from St. Clairsville on 5/5/2014
CPR Key Chain
Good product with quick deliver services
Reviewed by:  Kevin from Madera, CA on 5/5/2014
useless keychain
AED SS save your money, stop sending these usless keychains
Reviewed by:  Larry from Stevens Point/WI on 4/30/2014
Awesome little thing to have!
I love my AED Superstore Responder Keychain! It goes with me everywhere. Thanks for the prompt shipping!
Reviewed by:  Nikki from Clearwater on 4/30/2014
Responder Keychain
I own a Dental Assisting School and have a Fire Captain come in to teach my students CPR. I give each student one of these because they're handy, offer infection control and the students love them!
Reviewed by:  Carla from Royse City Tx on 2/26/2014
AED Superstore Responder Keychain
I received this free with my order, and am very pleased with it. I am ordering more so that I am prepared for emergencies anywhere. It is functional and convenient. Thank you.
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Maria from Sherman, Texas on 2/25/2014
Life saver/protector
This item is very good to have. It's even better that it was free with an order from your store. I haven't had to use it yet but it's great to know that I have one in case the unthinkable happens. I carry it with me wherever I go. Thank You AED Superstore!
Reviewed by:  Robert from Plano, TX on 2/18/2014
Great to have
Great to have for free.
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Mark from Orlando, FL on 2/13/2014
This came with my order and I keep it on my keys. It comes in handy in case of an emergency
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Deborah B. from Providence, RI on 2/11/2014
Post Dispositional Coordinator
These things are just the right size. They don't get in your way and are right there when you need them.
Reviewed by:  Rick B. from Danville, Va on 2/11/2014
AED Superstore Responder Keychain
This came free with my order and I am sure it will be great if I need it in a emergency. Thank you.
Reviewed by:  Cynthia from Van Alstyne on 2/10/2014
CPR one-way valve shield
This was received as a free gift with my order. It is a handy small size with a key ring to have it with you all the time. It is easy to use and a great hand out to students who complete a CPR class.
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Richard J. from Bucyrus, OH on 2/8/2014
This was a free gift with my order. It appears to be a very handy safetly device to carry on my key chain.
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Alta U. from Mission, TX on 2/6/2014
This was an awesome gift for shopping at the AED Superstore! It's small and fits great in my pocket with my keys.
Reviewed by:  Jason from Rocky Mount, NC on 2/6/2014
Great price!
I shopped around for face shields with a one-way valve, and I was happy to find these at the AED Superstore for a good price. I received my order quickly, so I am a very happy customer.
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Joan R. from Rapidan, VA on 2/5/2014
Emergency Manager
I received this product with another order that I received as a free gift. I gave this to a another person who is on the road alot. I already had some of these products in my vehicle and they are a great product. Thanks.
Reviewed by:  Roger B. from Highmore SD on 2/4/2014

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