RespondER® Premium AED Signage Pack

Part #: AMP3000
3-D Sign, Window Decal, Check Tag
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RespondER® Premium AED Signage Pack

RespondER® Premium AED Signage Pack. Includes: Flexible AED Wall Sign, "AED Equipped" Facility Window/Wall Decal 4" Diameter, and AED Check Tag. The flexible sign can be configured to be flat, 3-D projection style, perpendicular, or mounted on a corner.

Alternate Part Number(s): AMP0500, AMP1818, AMP3478, AMP3737, AMP3000, AMP3000-RES

This packet of materials fits most user's needs. Our unit came with a sticker but this gave us an extra couple of stickers to place around our building and an extra checklist in case anything happened to our original. The sign is read easily in every direction. A handy packet!
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  Pamela L. from Lake Mills, Iowa on 1/12/2014
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