Ring Rescue Ring Removal Device

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Save your valuable ring by removing it without cutting!
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Ring Rescue Ring Removal Device

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There are many reasons why a finger may swell. Some common examples are pregnancy, injury, allergic reactions, stings, and certain medications that could contribute to a swollen finger. Now there is a totally new way to remove a stuck ring from swollen fingers while leaving your precious ring intact.

Ring Rescue is a new way to remove rings from swollen fingers. By reducing the swelling of the finger directly, ring removal becomes a simple task. Usually, tight rings are cut off, yet cutting can be time-consuming, difficult, and may also pose a risk to your finger. There are also times when a ring can become dangerously tight where removal is a medical necessity.  Other times you may simply want to remove a ring but are unable to do so. Why destroy a valuable and sentimental keepsake? With Ring Rescue, what goes on can come off, easily and in one piece.

Ring Rescue has been designed by a team of medical doctors and engineers, is Health Canada and FDA cleared, and has been tested in hospitals. Ring Rescue offers a totally new solution and also sets a new standard for ring removal in both the medical and jewelry industries.

This patent-pending device is surely a game-changer. To use, simply apply Ring Rescue, inflate, and let the device do the work. When ready, disconnect. Once finger swelling has been reduced an adequate amount, the ring can be directly and safely removed intact. 

Includes Finger Compression Device (manual inflation pump, tubing, gauge, and sleeve), spray lubricant, zippered carry case, and a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Trust Ring Rescue to reduce finger swelling for simple, safe, and direct ring removal.  Order today for your jewelry store or medical site.
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