CPR Prompt® 'Mini' Audio Rescue Aid - AHA 2005 Guidelines

Part #: LF06200U
NOTE: This Rescue Aid is AHA 2005 guidelines compliant. A new version has not yet been released for AHA G2010.
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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please see our complete line of Audible CPR Rescue Aids to make an alternative selection.

"Remain calm!" Using patented advanced microchip technology; the CPR Prompt Audio Rescue and Practice Aids are voice-prompting devices which talk students and CPR-trained individuals through every step of adult, child and infant CPR, in real time. It's the ultimate tool to help train students in CPR and coach First Responders during a real emergency!

The CPR Prompt Rescue and Practice Aids meet American Heart Association, Class IIa recommendations for "improving acquisition of CPR psychomotor skills", providing good to very good evidence supporting its use for healthcare provider and layperson CPR. Follows AHA G2005 guidelines for CPR.

This pocket/key-chain version of the CPR Prompt Audio Rescue and Practice Aid is invaluable to have in an emergency. Simply turn the unit on and a calm voice will coach a trained responder through the steps of CPR. Also serves as a practice aid which turns idle moments into opportunities to refresh your life-saving skills. Hang it from a key ring or slip it into your pocket or purse. The CPR Prompt Audio Rescue Aid is lifesaving confidence to go!

Batteries included. One-year warranty.

Alternate Part Number(s): CPR200

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