FAO Eyewash Station w/32oz Screw Cap Bottle

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FAO Eyewash Station w/32oz Screw Cap Bottle
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Eyewash Station with screw cap bottle of eye flush. Includes wall mount. May be used for flushing or irrigating the eyes. The sterile isotonic buffered solution is perfect for flushing or aerating the eyes or skin. Available with one or two 32oz screw cap bottles. Make your selection by using the dropdown window above.

Single Bottle Station:
Wall Mountable Eye Flush Station with Single 32oz Bottle.
Easy to install wall mount kit.
From Physicians Care, the leader in industrial first aid.
The station measures 11-3/4" Length x 4" Width x 13-3/4" Height.  

Double Bottle Station:
Two 32oz bottle eye flush station with wall mount.
The station measures 19-inches length by 4-inches width by 14-1/2-inches height.
Helps to clear eyes of foreign material such as dust, pollen, and chemicals and to relieve itching, and burning
Bottles of sterile isotonic buffered solution for washing, flushing, and irrigating the eyes and skin

Alternate Part Number(s): 24-202-001, 24-300-001

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