Full Body Airway Training Manikin by Ruth Lee

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Designed especially for Healthcare Establishment Airway Training. Select the desired weight using the drop-down window.
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Full Body Airway Training Manikin by Ruth Lee



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Airway Training Manikin by Ruth Lee

Airway Management training most often takes place in a well-lit, carpeted classroom with plenty of room for students and equipment. How well do you think your staff would handle training in a confined space? For example, some difficult circumstances could be a road traffic collision or perhaps where the victim is trapped by the legs. How would they handle carrying out Airway Management outside of a classroom? Using this manikin in a routine training exercise would certainly make them stop and think and would definitely test their preparedness!

The Full Body Airway Management manikin incorporates the Simulaids Adult Airway Management Torso. The Airway Management torso is not permanently attached and can be easily removed for cleaning. A padded jacket is supplied to protect the torso and to aid with installation and removal from the rest of the manikin. Adult sized (1.8 meters) for realistic training sessions. It also comes supplied with replaceable, washable protective overalls. This manikin comes in a tough storage/carrying bag, making storing and handling the manikin far easier and also protects and keeps the manikin clean when not in use. The Simulaids torso features anatomical landmarks including the sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch. The torso also contains teeth, uvula, vocal cords, glottis, epiglottis, larynx, arytenoid cartilage, trachea, esophagus, and inflatable lungs and stomach while allowing nasogastric tube placement and accepts Combitube, E.O.A., E.G.T.A., P.T.L., and i-gel airways.

Features include:
  • Anatomical landmarks including sternum and rib cage plus substernal notch.
  • Contains teeth, uvula, vocal cords, glottis, epiglottis, larynx, arytenoids cartilage, and trachea.
  • Oral and nasal airway for intubation, esophagus, and inflatable lungs and stomach, n.g. tube placement, bag valve mask ventilation.
  • BVM and intubation tubes are NOT included.

Please note: For large orders (5 or more manikins), please call for lead time.

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