WNL Practi-MAN Adult/Child CPR Training Manikin 4-Pack

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New Manikin from WNL Safety Products
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    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call us at 800-544-0048 so we can discuss your available options.

    Introducing the new Practi-MAN Adult/Child CPR Training Manikin from WNL Safety Products. It has all the features and functions the CPR instructor wants and needs to teach students essential life-saving techniques!
    The Practi-MAN features a realisitcally designed airway, a functional nose pinch and head tilt with chest rise. A simple turn of the selection dial adjusts the compression depth for simulating adult or child compressions. The realistic feeling torso skin has easily identifiable landmarks, and is tough enough for extended use and repeated cleaning.
    The innovative valve/lung bag interface directs expired air from the lung bag through a chamber in the one-way valve assembly instead of through the manikin's mouth. The valve has been constructed of a durable plastic, and may be cleaned for repeated use.
    The Practi-MAN manikin is easy to clean and sanitize, and at 3.6 lbs weighs less than half the weight of comparable manikins, making it easy to carry to training classes. Assembly and disassembly is quick and easy.
    Each 4-pack Practi-MAN Adult/Child CPR training Manikins includes a nylon carry case, 4 lung bags, 4 one-way valves, 4 CPR face shields, and 4 antiseptic wipes. Practi-MAN is backed by a two-year manufacturer's warranty.
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