Simulaids Deluxe Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit

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    Deluxe Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit by Simulaids. This package, comprised of the new moulage from the Xtreme (item 620) and the Xtreme2 (item 025) trauma moulage kits allows you to have the entire collection of explosion and chemical burn wounds in one case. The silicone product wounds demonstrate high detail molding and painting designed to help overcome the feeling of disbelief when mass casualty incidents occur. The majority of the wounds exhibit bleeding properties when hooked up to a blood supply bag (included with the kit).
    The accessories included with the kit allow you to add more detail to the victims and the two glue varieties attach the wounds to either volunteers (Skin Tite) or manikins (spirit gum). Tool box is included.
    Wounds Included:
    Xtreme Exit Gunshot Palm
    Xtreme Face Burn 3rd Degree
    Xtreme Eviserated Intestine
    Xtreme Forearm Avulsion Wflap
    Xtreme Impaled Stick
    Xtreme Exit Wound
    Xtreme 12cm Laceration
    Xtreme Electrical Palm Burn
    Xtreme Interm Shotgun Entry
    Xtreme .45cal Close Entry
    Xtreme Open Fracture Tibia
    Xtreme Open Fracture Femur
    Xtreme Open Fracture Clavicle
    Open Wrist Fracture
    Open Rib Fracture
    Half Face Chemical Burn
    Rt Hand 4th Deg Chemical Burn
    Dorsal Hand 4th Deg Chem Burn
    Open Humorous Fracture
    Exposed Denture Avulsion
    Open Skull Fracture
    Burned Face
    Skin Laceration
    Major Muscle Laceration
    Open Ankle Dislocation
    Accessories Included:
    Disposable Tape Remover Pads
    Glycerin 1 Oz.
    Powdered Charcoal 2 Oz.
    Carry Case Silver 20" Shallow
    Carton 20 1/4 X 11 X 9 1/4 Rsc
    Skin Tite & Thi-vex Kit
    Instruct Kit/815/816/818/819
    Tongue Depressor/spatula Combo
    Red Grease Paint 2 Oz.
    White Grease Paint 2 Oz.
    Brown Grease Paint 2 Oz.
    Blue Grease Paint 2 Oz
    Casualty Simulation Wax 8 Oz.
    Blood Powder Pkg For 1 Gallon
    Coagulant Blood 4 Oz.
    Methyl Cellulose For Blood
    Broken Glass
    Spirit Gum 1 Oz W/brush
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