Learning Arrhythmia Recognition CD ROM by Cardionics

Part #: 717-9010 Our Price: $115.00
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    Designed for use on a PC or Mac with all modern operating systems (XP, Windows 7, Mac), this CD-ROM contains 30 arrhythmias. Each arrhythmia can be played as a moving strip. The demonstration mode shows the arrhythmia moving on a standard ECG grid with the explanation of the arrhythmia shown below the strip. This provides basic instruction about the characteristics of each arrhythmia. The pacemaker site, rhythm, rate, P waves, P-R interval, QRS complex, clinical significance and treatment are all described.
    The comparison mode permits any two arrhythmias to be shown on the screen simultaneously. For example, if the user wishes to compare the difference between Second degree AV block, type I and type II, both arrhythmias can be seen on the screen simultaneously. The descriptions are still shown so that a complete explanation of each is available.
    A part of this program provides a moving diagram or chart so that each point in the ECG trace can be coordinated with the electrical pathways of the heart.
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