AED Superstore Buyer’s Guide

Written to be the single most comprehensive guide on everything related to purchasing an automated external defibrillator (AED), the objective of the guide is to provide context so you make an educated purchase decision.

Buying an AED is a daunting task, regardless of how familiar you are with the products. We wrote our guide for a broad spectrum of customers, knowing some may not know what an AED is and others may work with devices on a daily basis. The guide is completely brand agnostic and we never favor one over the other. We encourage you to read through the guide which covers the following topics and so much more:

  • What is an AED?
  • What is sudden cardiac arrest and how is it treated?
  • Who can use an AED?
  • How to use an AED and are they safe?
  • What are the different types of AEDs?
  • What is the total cost of ownership of an AED?
  • What are my options, what is the difference and which one is right for me?
  • What is the law surrounding AED use and can I be sued?
  • How do I manage my AED and what else do I need to know about the devices?

If you still have questions, our customer care representatives can help guide you towards the right decision. They go through extensive training every few months and pride themselves on knowing almost anything and everything about every product we sell.