Philips FRx/FR2/FR2+ Electrode Pads Adapter to Older Barrel Style

Part #: 05-10200 Our Price: $42.00
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    HeartStart FRx/FR2/FR2+ Electrode Pads Adapter. Used to connect your Philips FR2/FR2+/FRx electrode pads to the Philips ALS Barrel Style connector found on these Philips/Agilent/Hewlett-Packard/Laerdal ALS Defibrillators:

    M2475B CodeMaster 100
    M1722A/B CodeMaster XL+
    M1723A CodeMaster XL
    M1724A CodeMaster XE
    M3500B Heartstream/Heartstart XLT
    Laerdal Heartstart 4000
    M3535A, M3536A HeartStart MRx

    Note: This adapter cannot be used with FR2 Infant/Child Reduced-Energy Defibrillator Electrode Pads or any electrode pads labeled for use with earlier Laerdal AEDs.

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