Laerdal Trainer IM Hip Simulator

Part #: 375-34501 Our Price: Discontinued
Allows visualization of the relationship of bone to muscle while training the administration of medication via dorsogluteal injection.
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    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call us at 800-544-0048 so we can discuss your available options.

    IM Hip Simulator by Laerdal Medical. 
    • Realistic anatomical structures enable visualization of internal anatomy
    • Sacrum, innominate, upper femur and coccyx
    • Sciatic nerve and sacral plexus
    • Gluteus maximus and gluteus medius
    • Femoral artery, vein and nerve
    • Student able to visualize line from the posterior superior iliac spine to the greater trochanter of the femur
    • Skin wrap simulating subcutaneous fat aids student in learning to determine appropriate needle length
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