Laerdal Deluxe Biology Skeleton

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Anatomical Training Model with Stand & Study Guide
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    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Deluxe Biology Skeleton by Laerdal Medical features a skeletal model on a deluxe stand. The skeleton can be disarticulated into twelve pieces. The right side of the skeleton is hand-painted and lettered showing the muscle origins and insertions. The skull has a removable calvarium cap for neurocranial study, and a breakaway maxilla which reveals paranasal sinuses and a spring-mounted detachable mandible. 

    The bones of one hand and one foot (opposite sides) articulate using prings to show joint flexibility. Both hips disarticulate at the ball-and-socket joint, while the male pelvis is hinged and sectioned so the right hip can swing outward to 45. 

    Removable organs for specialized study include a two-part brain, lobar lung, coronally sectioned heart, small intestine, colon and mesentery, coronally sectioned stomach, pancreas, liver, kidney (one coronally sectioned, and spleen. 

    Skeleton is articulated with stainless steel wire. Deluxe stand and anatomy study guide are included.

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