Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5 AED

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Powerheart® AED G5 with 8-Year Warranty
Two Sets of Adult Electrode Pads
Intellisense® Battery Pack with 4-Year Warranty
User Guide, Steps To Rescue, Getting Started Software
Premium Carry Case
USB Data Cable
AED Manager Software
FREE Premium AED/CPR Responder® Pack
FREE "AED Equipped" Window/Wall Decal
FREE AED Check® Tag
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  • Overview

    Which AED combines semi-automatic or fully-automatic shock delivery with variable escalating energy, fast time to shock, and the ability to change from English to Spanish with the press of a button? Introducing the Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5 AED!

    The Powerheart G5 is Cardiac Science's latest addition to their line of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). The G5 is loaded with capabilities to allow professional and lay responders to give a patient their best chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest event.

    Cardiac Science's exclusive Rescue Ready® technology ensures the G5's status is checked daily, weekly, and monthly. Each day the G5 checks the battery, hardware, software, and pads. Each week the self-test conducts a partial charge of the electronics, and a full charge test is performed each month. The easily viewed status indicator assures the responder the G5 is fully functional and ready to help save a life.

    The G5 is much more rugged than its predecessors with an ingress protection rating of IP55 to protect against dust and water and delivering superior performance in harsh and challenging environments. The G5 has been extensively tested to military standards for shock, vibration, and drops. The G5 comes with an 8-year warranty and the battery includes a full 4-year operational replacement guarantee.

    One button operation is simple; is even easier! The G5 is available in semi-automatic and fully-automatic configurations. The fully-automatic version can deliver post-CPR therapy in as little as 10 seconds, while no button to push eliminates user hesitation.

    Cardiac Science's Rescue Coach™ guides the user through the rescue process with user-paced prompts, and the language can be changed with the simple push of a button (English/Spanish). The enhanced LCD screen provides text instructions for extra help in chaotic and high noise level environments.

    The standard adult electrode pads are non-polarized, which makes electrode pad placement easier. Also available are the Intellisense™ CPR (iCPR) Feedback electrode pads. The iCPR electrode pads have the added benefit of providing live CPR depth and rate feedback during chest compressions. Using the feedback feature, the rescuer will hear assistance commands, like "Press harder and fully release" showing an emphasis on full chest recoil, or "Press softer" if compressions are too deep. Use the dropdown window above to select either standard adult electrode pads or iCPR adult electrode pads.

    The AED Superstore delivers the Powerheart AED G5 ready-to-rescue and as always, UPS Ground shipping of all AEDs to addresses within the contiguous United States is FREE!

    Alternate Part Number(s): G5A-80A-P, G5S-80A-P, G5A-01A-P, G5S-01A-P, G5A-80C-P, G5S, 80C-P, G5A-01C-P, G5S-01C-P

  • Customer Reviews
    Great Unit Cardiac Science and the G5 unit are a great unit for the community to place into areas for public access. They are bilingual, easy to operate, and Cardiac Science and the AED Superstore have outstanding customer service. We have partnered with the local Rotary Clubs and we have been able to place over 30 units into the community and private businesses. Getting ready to implement the iCPR pads to make them even better in a true community effort to improve survival in out of facility arrest in our communities. Reviewed by: Carr Gilmore from Pawleys Island, SC on
    Great experience and product I was concerned about ordering an AED online so wanted to share my positive experience with others. We decided on the PowerHeart G5 after speaking with one of their engineers at a local training class. It's a great product. Well made and very easy to use. I shopped around and found AED Superstore had the best pricing. I called Cardiac Science and was assured that AEDS was a certified dealer and one of their largest suppliers. After ordering, I emailed to verify that a prescription would be included (as it wasn't listed in the order confirmation and we needed it to get reimbursed from our HSA). I got a reply from customer service in 6 minutes. It shipped the next day and arrived 4 business days later. Well packaged. Everything included. Ran through all the initial checks and everything works perfectly. It was a great shopping experience. I highly recommend AEDS. Reviewed by: David from San Diego on
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