CardeaScreen™ by Cardiac Insight

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CardeaScreen™ by Cardiac Insight

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ECG Heart Screening Device
  • Overview

    CardeaScreen™ Portable ECG Heart Screening Device by Cardiac Insight, Inc.

    CardeaScreen is a new device which has been designed to help with cardiac risk assessment in young athletes age 14 and older, especially when beginning their participation in any physical activity program, such as exercise or sports. CardeaScreen offers a more economical alternative for in-depth Pre-Participation Exams (PPE).

    CardeaScreen has been developed for and attuned to the hearts of athletes and can quickly identify those with a cardiac condition which may put them at risk for sudden cardiac arrest or conditions which may affect their quality of life in later years. This makes CardeaScreen an ideal PPE adjunct for sports physicians, primary care physicians, and cardiologists.

    The high cost of ECG screenings and potential follow-up testing due to false positives has resulted in a reluctance by many institutions to forego cardiac screenings. CardeaScreen's algorithms have lowered the risk of false-positives substantially. The CardeaScreen is also priced well below the cost of most quality ECG screening systems currently on the market. These features make heart screening much more affordable to schools and higher learning institutions, anywhere a student-athlete will participate in school sports.

    CardeaScreen wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to analysis software which runs on any standard Windows-based PC. This makes over-reading and collaboration with other medical professionals as simple as can be.

    CardeaScreen supports:
       • Entry of patient demographic information
       • Response to specific American Heart Association PPE screening questions
       • Previous indications or symptoms of cardiac disease
       • ECG signal recording
       • Automatic processing and interpretation of the ECG
       • Interactive editing of global phase picks (i.e., location of Pon, Poff, Q, S, and end of T)
       • Over-reading, editing, and confirmation of the ECG interpretation
       • Secure email support of collaborative ECG review
       • Entry of selected echocardiographic data commonly recorded during PPE screening
       • Diagnostic chronology logging
       • User preference management
       • Bluetooth pairing management
       • Cohort reporting 

    CardeaScreen is available to medical professionals, including clinicians who are supporting school and college athletes nationwide.

    CardeaScreen includes a power supply, USB Bluetooth, quick start guide, and one set of Clip/Snap connectors attached to a 10-Lead AHA ECG Patient Leadset. The manufacturer recommends ordering a spare set with your initial order. 

    CardeaScreen System includes additional items: 10-pack of Sure-Lock Leadset Adapters; SKB-I Series Waterproof Carrying Case; Lenovo IdeaPad 100S 11" Laptop (or similar); Logitech Wireless Mouse. Use dropdown window above to order the device or the complete system.

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