Allergy Emergency Kit™ 20-Unit Asthma Inhaler Locking Cabinet

Part #: EN9340 Our Price: $499.99
Secure storage for asthma medications.
  • Overview
    This 20-Unit Asthma Inhaler Locking Cabinet has all the features of the Original Allergy Emergency Kit™ and epinephrine storage cabinets with a deeper design to hold albuterol inhalers, chambers and spacers using a pouch and labeling system. This cabinet can be left open during school hours and can be mounted at a height to make it easily accessible. After hours the cabinet can be locked, but you always have the peace of mind that the breakaway window allows for emergency access even when locked.

    Product Features:
    •Holds 20+ inhalers depending on size and how many accessory chamber or spacer units
    •Includes our amazing hook & loop pouch and label system
    •Removable panel and tote bag for emergency evacuation
    •Breakaway window allows for emergency access when locked
    •Privacy window is available as an option

    Please note: Epinephrine and auto-injectors are NOT included.
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