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Mission & Vision

AED Superstore was founded with one mission - Increase the chance of survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) through the deployment of AEDs. Defibrillation is the only way to save someone suffering from SCA so the more AEDs we get into the hands of the general public, the greater the chance we have of saving lives. We truly believe AEDs should be as ubiquitous as fire extinguishers - and we will not stop until they are.

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Our Culture & People

Our culture and people are very much a by-product of the small town we are located in. People in the northwoods still leave their front doors unlocked, their keys in their vacant car, will go above and beyond to help a stranger, and treat everyone with kindness and respect. In this day and age, it might be considered out of the ordinary, but this means every customer is treated as if they are our most important customer.

Marry this level of customer service to the rigorous training process we put every employee through and almost everyone within the organization can answer almost any question about every product we carry. If someone doesn’t know the answer, they definitely know someone who does. And it’s usually Jared.

We would be hypocrites if we didn’t practice what we preach. So, all of our employees are CPR/AED certified and we also provide every employee with their own personal AED.

We do what we do because we love it. We love it because what we do is help save people’s lives. Pretty cool job.

Our Story

Like most fairy tales, our story includes two friends, a bar, beer, napkins, a brilliant idea, and the obligatory line - “We should open a business together.”

Back in 2002, in the northwoods of Wisconsin, friends Jon Dobbs and Ken Raupach, a professional EMT and paramedic, respectively, sat at a bar drinking beers and dabbing the ends of their mouths with napkins (what one does with napkins in these situations) and talked about how confusing, difficult and frustrating it was to buy AEDs. There was little-to-no information on the web and it was very hard for small organizations looking for just one to two defibrillators to get the attention of the AED manufacturers or to find a distributor willing to meet with them. There was too much legwork on the part of consumers. This is when they had the aforementioned brilliant idea, ”You know what we should do? Open a business right here in Wisconsin selling AEDs!”

With no experience running an online retail company, but a ton of product knowledge and a heck of a lot of passion for saving lives, they convinced one of the AED manufacturers to take a chance on them. A website was created and Jon’s basement and garage were converted to an office and warehouse. Their passion quickly paid off and, within a few more years, the catalog of products expanded further to include CPR and AED training related products. Many thousands of AED unit sales later and after finalizing partnerships with all of the remaining AED unit manufacturers, they were struck with brilliant idea number two. “You know, we’re selling AEDs on the web where people can easily find us and we’re offering all of the parts and accessories they could ever ask for,” napkin dab and sip of beer, “we’re the AED Superstore!”

Their dream was fully realized back in 2013 after acquiring Annuvia, a company who provides national CPR & AED training services, in addition to AED medical direction and program management. In plain English - Annuvia provides employee CPR training and certification and, through their software Arch™, helps companies manage their AEDs and meet regulatory requirements.

Jon and Ken handed over the reins of day-to-day operations, but still play an important role in onboarding new employees and keeping the culture as true to what it was back in 2002.

So what’s next for the AED Superstore? Let’s just say Jon and Ken aren’t the only two people at the company with lofty dreams.

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Meet The Team

While we might be known as “The Superstore” we are hardly a large army. In fact, at just about 60 employees, we are more like an extended family.

Amber Neller - Strategic Accounts Manager
Amber Strategic Accounts Manager
Amy Herring - Account Manager
Amy Account Manager
Ann Brown - Customer Care
Ann Customer Care
Bill Jelinek - Sales Development Representative
Bill Sales Development Representative
Bryan Jacquest - Customer Care
Bryan J. Customer Care
Bryan Rose - Customer Care
Bryan R. Customer Care
Candice Helgeson - Account Manager
Candice Account Manager
Carol O'Neal - Account Executive
Carol Account Executive
Cassie Weinstein - Customer Care
Cassie Customer Care
Cheryl Hraban - Purchasing Agent
Cheryl Purchasing Agent
Cindy Dunbar - Director of Customer Care
Cindy D. Director of Customer Care
Cindy Ross - Controller
Cindy R. Controller
Danielle Kutschenreuter - Customer Care
Danielle Customer Care
Dave Celusta - Customer Care
Dave C. Customer Care
David Kelly - Sales Development Representative
David K. Sales Development Representative
Doug Weisbrock - Customer Care Manager
Doug Customer Care Manager
Eileen Swierczynski - Marketing Manager
Eileen Marketing Manager
Emily Trapp - Customer Care Team Leader
Emily Customer Care Team Leader
Erik Wagner - Customer Care
Erik Customer Care
Erin Smith - Sales Operations Manager
Erin S. Sales Operations Manager
Erin Visintainer - Customer Care
Erin V. Customer Care
Gena Borowczyk - Account Manager
Gena Account Manager
Jan Gerritsen - CTO
Jared Kassien - Technical
Jared K. Technical
Jenna Hoffman - Business Development
Jenna Business Development
Jennifer Howard - Accounting
Jennifer Accounting
Jon Dobbs - Co-Founder
Jon D. Co-Founder
Jon Stein - Graphic Designer
Jon S. Graphic Designer
Kalli Bishop - Customer Care
Kalli Customer Care
Katie Morgan - Warehouse
Katie Warehouse
Ken Raupach - Co-Founder
Ken Co-Founder
Kevin McPherson - CFO
Kevin CFO
Lee Lindberg - IT
Lee IT
Lisa Choinski - Accounting Clerk
Lisa Accounting Clerk
Mark Ross - IT/Web Developer
Mark IT/Web Developer
Megan MacIntyre - Customer Care
Megan Customer Care
Mike Berg - CEO
Mike B CEO
Mike Carlin - Training Center Coordinator
Mike C Training Center Coordinator
Missy Marocco - Key Account Specialist & HR Assistant
Missy Key Account Specialist & HR Assistant
Mitch Meinhardt - Accountant
Mitch M Accountant
Mitch Splinter - Front End Developer
Mitch S Front End Developer
Morgan Finn - Customer Care
Morgan Customer Care
Nathan Roy - Customer Care
Nathan Customer Care
Patti Rubo - Customer Care
Patti Customer Care
Peg House
Peg Warehouse
Ray Chalom - VP of Marketing
Ray VP of Marketing
Rob Beja - Warehouse
Rob Warehouse
Rorie Schmitz - Business Development
Rorie Business Development
Samantha Gillich - Customer Care
Samantha Customer Care
Sara Henn - Customer Care Coordinator
Sara H. Customer Care Coordinator
Sara Olson - Customer Care Team Leader
Sara O. Customer Care Team Leader
Scott Mullenberg - Sales Development Representative
Scott Sales Development Representative
Steve Emmel - Warehouse
Steve Warehouse
Sue Rehm - Senior Account Manager
Sue Senior Account Manager
Tom Woller - Warehouse
Tom Warehouse
Tony Hagene - Inside Sales Manager
Tony Inside Sales Manager
Wes Wagoner - Customer Care
Wes Customer Care
Will-Foss - Warehouse
Will Warehouse

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